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June 14th, 2024  6:00pm - 8:30pm
Michael J. Fox Theatre (Inside Burnaby South Secondary)
7373 MacPherson Avenue, Burnaby

 For those who have never danced, they may not know what to expect and may have questions. Dance recitals are a time to shine and entertain, to gain confidence and receive appreciation, to smile and have fun. We want every dancer to feel accomplished and proud of their hard work and dedication. 



All competitive dancers: 1:30pm

All other dancers: 3:30pm 

At your arrival time meet us in the lobby of the theatre and we will direct you to the correct room for your dancer.

  • Drop off your child in tights and costume, with hair done

  • Bring dance shoes in a separate, labeled bag

  • Send a water bottle, light meal, and lots of snacks


At drop off you and your child will get a wristband; please try to ensure the same person drops off and picks up.


Each registered dancer's family receives two tickets which will be distributed the week before recital

All other tickets are on sale at Eventbrite after June 1st

Adults (ages 12+) $22

Children (ages 4-11) $15

Toddlers (3 & under) free

Due to fire code, all patrons (including toddlers) must have a ticket.


We have LIMITED Toddler tickets available and do not generally recommend attendance for age 3 & under. The lights and noise of the crowd can be overwhelming so that parents with little ones spend most of the show in the lobby. We kindly ask that you are mindful before ordering a Toddler ticket about how you will manage them throughout the show. 



  • Mini, Petite, & Primary dancers: please pick up directly from the stage

  • Mini Mover, Tiny Twirler, Budding Ballet dancers: please pick up from your assigned room (to be designated at drop off)

  • All other dancers; please allow our smaller dancers to get picked up and clear out first, then meet your parents in the lobby


1) Hair:  In previous years we have asked for an early arrival so that we can do each dancer's hair for performance. As this early arrival time has become difficult for parents to manage we are now adjusting it to much later and instead requiring each parent to do their child's performance hair. See specific hairstyle by class below**


2) Volunteers:  we are asking for approximately 20 parent volunteers to help supervise our dancers. Volunteers will only need to help out for half of the show (whichever half their dancer is not participating in) and all volunteers will be back in the theatre to watch finale. Please let the office know if you are available to help out.

**Please note you will not be assigned to supervise a class that your dancer is enrolled in.


How many tickets can we buy? 

In our fees we include two tickets for each dancer to make sure that parents are always accommodated, Once our general tickets go on sale, families are welcome to buy as many tickets as they like.


What happens if our dancer arrives late?

We can not delay a rehearsal time if a dancer is late.  If you know in advance that your dancer will not be able to make their specified time, please let us know when you will be arriving so that we can meet your child in the lobby. Being late decreases the chance of your child being successful on stage as they will miss their stage rehearsal and then feel unprepared and overwhelmed at show time.

**If a child does not want to perform we will not force them to. 

Do we need to stay for the entire show?

Yes, we will not have the ability to sign out multiple dancers at intermission or after they dance. Please leave them with us for the entire show and they will be dismissed to you after our finale. 


Can we record our dancer's performance?

Our entire program is professionally recorded and edited. It will be available for parents to download. (Last year it was available within 24 hours) We ask that you respect all of our families by NOT recording or taking photos of any dance. It is very distracting and embarrassing to the young dancers on stage, and quite frankly, annoying to other audience members. 


Ballet Bun (very high ponytail, secured into a bun with a hair net and bun pins)

  • Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty (Primary Ballet Monday to Friday 4:00-4:45)

  • Magic Tutu (Budding Ballet Saturday 1:00-1:45)

  • The Florists (Open Ballet Saturday 1:15-2:15)

  • Baby Beluga (Tiny Twirlers Saturday 10:30-11:15)

  • The Way To Bake (Tiny Twirlers Thursday 3:45-4:30)

  • You're Adorable (Saturday 11:30-12:15)​​

Space buns (two high pigtails, secured into a bun on each side)

  • Hippity Hoppity Frogs (Mini Movers Tuesday 4:30-5:15 & Saturday 11:00-11:45)

  • Bear Hunt (Tiny Twirlers Saturday 12:00-12:45)

High ponytails (Only Non Competitive Dancers)

  • Cartoon Heroes (Thursday Jazz 3:45-4:30)

  • Splish Splash (Friday Jazz 3:45-4:30

Ballet Bun


Space Buns


High Ponytail

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