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We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and abilities, from tiny tots and beginners to adults. You’ll find our classes welcoming and encouraging as we aim to teach through positivity and support. Enroll for a FREE trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is suitable for you or your child. 

Most dancers  start with ballet, tap or hip hop their first year. 


We have a lot of classes and we know it can get really confusing! Let us take the guesswork out by discussing your ideas with us and letting us find you the perfect fit.


Tuition ranges in price from $378 - $648/year for a class to a maximum of $3200/year (single dancer) or $5000/year (family). 


Annual recital fee: $150 (costume, two tickets to show and a digital download of performance) $65 for additional costumes


Pre-ballet (ages 3-4)

Let's work on those gross motor skills by incorporating both play and structure to help your child make connections between the music they hear and the movements they make. 

These creative classes are a great way to introduce your little dancer to our world and let them explore with their bodies and imagination. We work on a variety of skills that help develop the social aspect of being in a dance class without a parent, honing your dancer's ability to follow instructions, and giving them independence.

Ballet (ages 4+)

Using age-appropriate exercises that are fun and engaging, ballet provides the opportunity for dancers to learn this classical art form while growing in physicality, musicality, flexibility, strength, and performance.

Often referred to as the foundation for other dance styles, ballet is the building block behind a solid dance education in jazz and contemporary. It's the ideal style to start with and then build onto later. 

Jazz (age 4+)

Move to your favourite songs while learning kicks, jumps, and turns. Jazz builds on the ballet basics in an upbeat class that features connecting technique steps and adds style in a fun way while contributing your own flare. 

Our jazz program is centered on developing jazz technique in a creative and innovative way as self-expression and originality are fostered in this class environment.

Tap (ages 4+)

Making noise with your feet! The focus of tap is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun. As dancers progress, technique will becomes more complex, fast and intricate. 


Choreography and connecting steps will create tap combinations in class that are a great way to explore this style.

Tap is a great style for you to start at any age, our beginner classes have both kids and adults!

Hip Hop (ages 6+)

Our hip hop program is a combination of various styles and includes popping, locking and a bit of breakdance along with street style dance movements.

This energetic and athletic class will focus on the development of musicality and rhythm. Students  explore elements of hip hop including principles of footwork, strength and coordination, while discovering their individual sense of style and creativity as well as continuing to build their self confidence.

Also Available

Conditioning (ages 10+)

Stretching (ages 7+)

Acrobatics (ages 4+)

Contemporary (ages 10+ with approval)

Competition Programs


Dance is hard work so we love showing off once a year with all the incredible things your dancer has learned! And although training in the studio is what matters most, some dancers (and parents) want more opportunities for their child to shine on stage. Our competition programs offer a more structured training program with extra performance experiences.


Suitable for everyone, whether it is those who are new to dance, those with other activities, or experienced dancers looking for ample competition and performance opportunities, mentoring, future teacher training, and many other unique experiences. Competition dancers are truly team members, working towards a common goal and enjoying the extra opportunities with their dance friends. 


We offer flexible scheduling and training requirements so that we can help all dancers reach their full potential. 

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