Getting the best out of your dancer both on stage and off

our goal is a confident and talented performer who is self motivated and disciplined

- we provide a dance program for young children that is designed for skill development by incorporating both structure and play to help them make connections between the music they hear and the movements they make

- we work on refining listening skills and reading social cues so that children are able to maintain interest and attention with the ability to focus on independent work and apply corrections

- we carefully assess each competition dancer and place them in technique classes which focus on areas still developing and separate choreography groups which showcase their areas of strength and mastery

- we present opportunities outside of the studio for our dancers to grow as a team and we support them to ensure success

- we support and value academics reminding all of our dancers that to be a great dancer they must also be a great student

but most importantly

- we believe in all of our dancers, that they are capable and responsible and we work as partners with parents to make sure that our dancers reach their full potential

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