Our Vision


Our passion is to create a world where everyone can experience the magic of dance. We know first hand how dance can build character, confidence, and friendships and how it is an incredible tool to teach body awareness, self-discipline and teamwork. Our goal is for our families to have a sense of community, and for our dancers to have respect for themselves & others while also being role models and ambassadors for the arts.


Our Mission

At Danzmode our mission is to foster a life-long love of the arts. We provide leadership to our students, building technical skills, musicality, and self-discipline. We also work hard to take care of all of the 'extras' for our families, from offering a one stop dancewear shopping experience, to providing an all inclusive competition package with accessories & makeup, to giving our dancers the skills to manage themselves so that our parents can all relax and enjoy every show without being backstage.  


Our Values

  • Exceptional Experiences – our dancers all receive incredible training and opportunities

  • Community & Teamwork – we love celebrating all dancers and strive to work for inclusiveness every day

  • Discipline – we believe in accountability and self-motivation for our students

  • Self - Esteem – we value positive feedback but more importantly we encourage our dancers to set their own goals and self evaluate

  • Fun – we value passion, encouragement, and hard work and we believe fun still comes from structure and learning as we work towards common goals

We aren't just training dancers, we are training people that dance.


Our Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


 7209 Curragh Avenue Burnaby, BC   V5J 4W1

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