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Competition Programs at Danzmode

Competition dancers train multiple days a week, similar to other competitive athletes, with a focus on highly refined technique, strength, flexibility, cardio, and performance. Depending on age, they compete between 1 to 3 routines at several local competitions each spring, in addition to a year end show. At Danzmode we offer different levels on our competitive teams based on dancer and family suitability with assessments either done in a group setting in May, during our summer intensive, or arranged privately. 


At Danzmode we work with our competition families to choose the right level of commitment so that we can ensure the physical, academic, social, and mental health of our dancers. 

Why Choose Competitive Dance?

  1. Teamwork & Friendships: A competition dance team is like a family, where dancers learn to work with teammates from different backgrounds and skill levels. Our dancers have strong bonds of friendship, support each other on and off stage, and focus on themselves both as individuals and as part of the larger group. 

  2. Increased Skills: The repetition from training multiple days a week helps movement happen at a much faster pace. while the practice and dedication required on a competitive dance team helps to dramatically increase abilities in a shorter time. With multiple ballet, technique, and choreography classes, dancers can develop advanced technique that takes years for less focused dancers to attain. 

  3. Confidence & Self-Esteem: Performance takes confidence and competition teaches valuable life lessons such as resolving differences, being a gracious winner or loser, and skillfully applying feedback even when we don't agree with it. 

  4. Creative Expression & Performance: Expressing yourself is something that many people struggle with. Competition dance allows us to find a safe and creative place to express ourselves in addition to improving stage presence with the excitement of performing for large cheering crowds.

How much dance experience do you have?

You'll hear from us soon!

2024 - 2025 Assessments

June 2024


Competition Program 
(Ages 5+)

Our competition dancers are truly team members, working towards a common goal and enjoying extra opportunities with their dance friends. 

Depending on their age and level, they typically train for 3.5 - 6 hours/week over 2 to 3 days.  Classes in ballet, jazz technique, and choreography are mandatory. 

Because of the specialized nature of these teams, placement is assessment based and families must be prepared to commit to the entire year. 

**New for 2023: Youth Competitive

Dancers aged 8-12 with no competitive experience can now join our Youth program and perform at 3 local competitions. This program only requires one ballet, one jazz and one acro class. 

Company Program 
(Ages 9+)

For serious competition dancers with committed parents, this program is suitable for those who want dance to be their primary extra-curricular activity. Joining our company program is a significant undertaking and we ask all family members for support.

Depending on age and level, our company dancers typically train 8 - 14 hours/week over 3 to 4 days. Classes in ballet, jazz technique, choreography (jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre), conditioning and stretching are mandatory. 

In order for these dancers to reach their full potential we have strict policies about work ethic, missed classes, & summer training. 

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