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At Danzmode we believe there is a place in dance for everyone and offer a variety of styles and levels that reflect these values... from a once a week non-performing option to a multi-hour pre-professional style training program. 

We work with parents as partners to find the right level of commitment for your family. 

Future Stars Foundations

Future Stars

General Classes

For ages 6 to adult, these classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to dance, including beginners. Each runs anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes depending on style and age of participants. Some are technique only and do not perform in our year end showcase; others, such as ballet, may have an optional exam at the end of each year. 


Ages 6+

Hip Hop

Ages 5+


Ages 6+


Ages 7+

Ballet/Jazz Combo

Ages 6-10


Ages 9+


Ages 12+

Musical Theatre

Ages 6+

General Classes

Competition & Company Programs

At Danzmode we recognize that some dancers (and parents) want more opportunities to shine on stage. Our competition dancers are truly team members, working towards a common goal and enjoying extra opportunities with their dance friends. 

Our Company program is for serious competition dancers with committed parents, this program is suitable for those who want dance to be their primary extra-curricular activity. Joining our company program is a significant undertaking and we ask all family members for support.

Competition or company teams are formed after your dancer is assessed in the summer.  For more information please see Join Competiton 2022. 

Company Photo_edited_edited.png

Competition Teams       4-5 hours/week 

2 ballet classes, 1 jazz technique, 1 jazz choreography class

Petite Company
(ages 6-7)

3  hours/week

Intermediate Company
(ages 10-13)

10 hours/week

Mini Company
(ages 7-9)

4.5 hours/week

Senior Company
(ages 14+)

8.5 hours/week

Junior Company
(ages 8-11)

9 hours/week

Accelerated Beginners
(ages 10+)

5.75 hours/week

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