Tuition is based on a sliding scale (using hours of week dancing) to a maximum of $3200 per year. Additional fees: two tickets to and a digital download from our year end show, costumes, **competition fees, **makeup

**competition dancers only

Actual prices are calculated at time of registration, these yearly fees can be split into 10 payments for convenience.



At what age can my child start?

Our September Saturday pre-ballet classes start at age 3 and we have January classes for 2.5 year olds on Wednesdays.  


What class should we register in?

Dancers ages 3-6 register in ballet with the option of adding jazz and/or tap at age 5. Dancers ages 7+ need a brief assessment by our faculty for proper placement. 


How do we register?

Registration starts on June 20th for September programs, a 40$ deposit is required to hold your spot. Registration can be done by phone, online, or in person. 


What does my child wear?

Dancers aged 3 - 6 may wear comfortable clothing with either bare feet or dance shoes. Ages 7+ wear dance attire specific to the style of dance and a dress code will be presented at registration. All items may be purchased through the office. 


Can my child try a class to see if they like it?

Yes your child may try one class at no charge in either June or September. Please pre-register with the office.


Can I watch my child's class?

We find that children have a better learning experience with closed doors and no disruptions. Instead we offer parent viewing week in January so that you may observe your children and our teachers. 


How big is the commitment?

The dance season runs concurrent with the school year so we ask that parents make the commitment from September - June.  This allows us to properly ready your child for all routines they are placed in. 


What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available for tuition only as competitions are paid for and costumes ordered early in the year. Tuition fee refunds are calculated starting the first day of the following month after withdrawal. 


What makes your studio different?

At Danzmode we believe in the uniqueness of each dancer and strive to provide an environment that is structured, supportive and challenging. We have based our curriculum and philosophies on research from Stanford University and NYU which show that positive, responsive and organized after school programs benefit academics. 

In addition, all of our staff have current criminal background checks, we always staff on duty with valid first aid, and we are members of Healthy Dancer Canada. Above all we understand the level of trust that parents place in us by allowing us to train their children. 

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