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What class or program should we register in?


Dancers aged 6 & under will be enrolled in our pre-performance classes based on age with registration ongoing until January. Dancers must take ballet in order to also take jazz. 

Dancers aged 7 & over are required to have an assessment for placement into either tap competition or our full company program. These programs close registration September 30th. 

Age based hip hop classes are also available with ongoing registration at our teacher's discretion.

How do we register?


Please call or email us to enquire about availability and so we can make arrangements for a tour or a trial class. 

Our classes follow the school calendar and attendance is expected to be maintained until June. 

Why are there so many classes in the Performance levels?


As with all extracurricular activities, dance requires increasing levels of commitment over the years. The underlying technique is acquired in ballet class, then complemented with jazz & contemporary training and performance skills. 

In dance the body has to do the actions frequently, under a teacher's guidance, to gain muscle memory and an understanding of correct alignment and technique. We would not expect a student to improve significantly in any activity over a year without practice.

What is the advantage of the Performance program?


Dance is an athletic performing art that is meant to be shared with an audience. Our Performance program is designed to train dancers to have a solid foundation while also allowing time for other extra curricular activities. Performance Plus includes more intensive training, extra performance options, and progress for your dancer at an accelerated pace. Performance Plus is only suitable if dance is the primary activity. 

Why can't dancers only come in once a week for longer hours?


Our scheduling is done keeping in mind teacher availability, room requirements, and health of our dancers. We pride ourselves on having dancers able to leave the studio relatively early, allowing them breaks for snacks and not overloading their bodies. Dancing for long hours at a time is not in their best interests so we prefer them to have more frequent and shorter days. 

What is competition dance?


Competition dance allows dancers to perform for judges (and an audience) who will give them valuable feedback and encouragement. It is the opportunity to showcase what they have worked on in the studio since September and to refine their performances before our show in June. 

Do you have drop in class availability?


Unfortunately no. Technique classes are based on all dancers progressing at the same time and require an assessment so dancers can be put into the correct level. 

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