Competition Programs

Some dancers (and parents) want more opportunities for their child to shine on stage and our competition programs are the perfect next step from recital classes. These dancers are truly team members, working towards a common goal and enjoying these extra opportunities with their dance friends. 

Because of the specialized nature of these teams, placement is based on assessments done in May, September, or at our summer technique camps. Enrollment ends September 30th and families must be prepared to commit to the entire year. 

Novice Level (ages 6-8)

Either new dancers or those in our Future Stars programs can join our competitive program after completing kindergarten. 

  • Primary (ages 6-8) 3.25 hours/week

  • Petite (ages 7-8) 4.25 hours/week


Competition Level (ages 8+)

Suitable for everyone, whether it is those who are new to dance, those with other activities, or experienced dancers looking for more performance opportunities.  Our competition program offers dancers a way to compete while keeping their studio commitments low. 

  • Junior (ages 8-10) 4.5 hours/week

  • Novice - no experience (ages 10+) 3.25 hours/week

  • Intermediate (ages 10-12) 4.5 hours/week

  • Senior (ages 13+) 6.5 hours/week

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Company Level (ages 8+)

For serious competition dancers with committed parents, this program is suitable for those who want dance to be their primary extra-curricular activity. Joining our company program is a significant undertaking and we ask all family members for support. In order for these dancers to reach their full potential we have strict policies about work ethic, missed classes & summer training. 

  • Junior (ages 8-10) 7.5 hours/week

  • Intermediate (ages 10-12) 10.5 hours/week

  • Senior (ages 13+) 14.75 hours/week

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