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Thank you for giving your child a head start on a journey filled with rhythm, movement, and joy!


Your child can look forward to:

  • Creative Expression: dance encourages self-expression, boosting your child's confidence and imagination

  • Social Interaction: dance is where your child will make friends and build social skills in a supportive and friendly environment

  • Cognitive Development: dance improves coordination, memory, and cognitive abilities

  • Fun and Fitness: dance makes fitness fun, helping your child stay active and healthy

And if you need some more great reasons about joining us for classes, take a peek into our studio video below!

Danzmode Highlights 2022-2023
Danzmode Productions

Danzmode Highlights 2022-2023

From Our Parents…..

Outstanding venue. My daughter adores it. She's been participating in dance classes at this establishment for 6 years. The instructors are extremely supportive of the children in the class and during competitions. They exhibit great patience and offer assistance whenever the children require additional guidance. I am immensely grateful! The owner is exceedingly helpful, going above and beyond. It is astonishing to witness how my daughter has transformed from a timid young girl to confidently performing in front of large audiences. Over the past few years, my daughter has earned numerous medals, trophies and judge's awards, all thanks to the guidance and care provided by Danzmode's instructors. It is a superb place to learn and make new acquaintances. We genuinely feel like one big Danzmode Studio family.   (Cicilia, mom to Chloe)

My son is beginning his 3rd year at Danzmode and still loves going. He’s always excited to show me what he’s learned in class and loves to practice on his own (unprovoked!). Excellently run studio, organized and professional with a family feel. They know every dancer by name, and really care about the kids. Fantastic quality instruction as well. Highly recommend!   (Jesse, mom to Kellan)

My daughter has been part of Danzmode competition program and both my daughter and I both love being part of the Danzmode family.
The owner and teachers are caring and allow the dancers' voices to be heard. I feel safe knowing that Danzmode is my daughter's second home. My nieces also take classes at Danzmode and I love that they offer classes at such a young age. Danzmode is super affordable and I always appreciate how quickly I get a response from any questions I have. I highly recommend Danzmode!   (Katie, mom to Katelyn)

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