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Parent Viewing Week December 9th - 16th

During this parent viewing week you will get to observe a typical class that your dancer participates in:

  • Parents only, please do not invite any other family members as we will not be able to accommodate them.

  • If younger siblings need to attend, we ask that they sit on your lap and you please leave the room if they become disruptive. 

  • It is not a performance, but rather an opportunity for you to have a better understanding of our curriculum and our approach.  

  • Please respect our teachers & other families and do not film the class, but instead try to engage and follow along to see how your child is learning and developing with us. 


With so many classes on Saturdays we have to split our Saturday opportunities:

December 9th Classes    11:00pm, 12:00pm, 1:00pm

December 16th Classes   9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:15pm

November/December News & Notes

A reminder that we are closed for Winter Break from December 17th - January 5th

NEW: December 9th - 16th PJ Week & Parent Viewing

Our last week before the winter break, dancers are welcome to wear their pj's to all of their classes. Also, we are changing parent viewing from January to December in order to make our January transition smoother and will be forwarding a sign up schedule and more details shortly.

Uniforms have been distributed, please come see us in the office if you still haven’t received yours.

Reminder: all of our dancers are to wear their convertible tights (they have a hole in the bottom of the foot) with the tights rolled up and no ballet shoes to class until we are certain that they are using their feet properly. There is ample evidence that children going barefoot improves their balance, strength, and coordination; as dance is an activity that relies heavily on children understanding how to use their feet, we need to ensure that we can see how each of our dancers is developing before we introduce ballet shoes to them. Our teachers anticipate most dancers will start wearing ballet shoes mid January.

Band App

If you haven’t so far, please download the Band app. You will need it minimally, just set notifications to ‘on’ and then if there is any information we need you to get ASAP (like we are closed for snow) then we know you will receive it. It is also the preferred  method to communicate with us regarding absences & illnesses. You can download it at:

Purdy's Fundraising

We are fundraising with Purdys Chocolates again and are hopeful we can start putting down new dance flooring over the winter break. 

Order deadline: November 29th                       Parent pickup: December 6th - 13th

Orders can be done online at:

Disney Update

We still have the ability to add more Competitive dancers to our trip. If you have previously declined and are reconsidering, please talk to us in the office. We will not be finalizing our groups until the new year so there is still plenty of opportunity to sign up. 

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